Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

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Name: Shadowscreecher Organizations: VMK formally, Base of Operations: Home, Education: Middle School, Favorite Comic Book: The Amazing Spiderman #1.

History Edit

I was formally a VMK member named shadowscreecher. I have been a VMK member since September 6, 2005. Since then I have met many friend like Yasminthegirl, Something-Special, Blumonkeyboy and many other too numerous to list. Over those 3 years I have grown very fond of Disney and many of its shows, games, and movies. To this day, VMK has left a big scar in my heart and I hope you will remember VMK as well. You can also visit me at or you can find me on on the message boards. Both my usernames are arijos0222! :)

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As a site administrator, I will dedicate my time to the well being of the site. If you have any questions about the site or anything related to the site ask me in my Discussions Page or ask VMK SORCERERS at his Discussion Page. Have Fun!

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